April 28th & 29th, 2016
April 28th & 29th, 2016
April 28th & 29th, 2016

1. Heroes 4 Higher- John Buckland

BATMAN: From Survivor to Over-Comer: You Can too!

From an early age to early adulthood John has understood the role of child abuse and neglect, and the power and purpose it took him in his journey to survive the situations he encountered. John has taken tragedy and turned those situations into a title he promotes in communities as the person who became an over-comer. As an early childhood professional your job may include assisting a child of abuse, neglect, and more. There is a decision to be made in the leadership role you will play in that child's life. Please join this session to hear first- hand what happens to a child of abuse and what can happen to over- come and lead in your community. Be a Hero 4 a Higher calling in the life of a child.

2. Angie Ware

Curriculum Supervisor, Reading and Language Arts, Cabell County Schools.

Lena Burdette

Director of Education Initiative, United Way of the River Cites. 

Preparing Young Children for Reading

In this interactive session, parents, teachers, and caregivers will explore early literacy. Young children develop early literacy skills through interactions with their world. Participants will learn various methods to enhance the joy of emergent literacy through song, movement, play, poetry, and interactive read aloud.

3. Lorna Adkins/ Tammy Eubank

WV Family Child Care Association

A Taste of Second Helpings: A Family Child Care Session About the Second Helpings Modules and How They Benefit Your Family Child Care Program. 

This is a peer mentor training that is organized into four modules: The Provider, The Business, The Family, and The Children. Each session has a trainer manual. The session today will be an overview of the program in general.

4. Rebecca Crowder

Executive Director Lily's Place

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Medical and Therapeutic Interventions

This workshop will provide information on the causes of NAS and the symptoms seen in babies suffering from prenatal drug exposure. It will also explain the medical and therapeutic interventions used by the staff at Lily's Place to care for these babies. There will also be a social services piece that will include education and family supports.

5. Julie Bartkus

Childcare Success

Owners' Session:

The 5 Profit Killers That Your Security Cameras Will Never Reveal To You

What are the things that every child care leader should know about when it comes to profit killers? How about: What they are!! Then you can decide which ones you're going to eliminate so you can boost your profitability and keep more of what you make. One of the profit killers is turnover, and another is unmotivated staff. During this session you'll have the opportunity to get on your fast path to higher profits by taking a good look at how much of your profits are leaking out of your pocket You'll not only gain this awareness - you'll also gain specific strategies to help you terminate turnover, motivate staff and eliminate all 5 profit killers.

Join Internationally-Known Child Care Business Success Mentor, Speaker, and Author, Julie Bartkus, for this DYNAMIC, ENERGIZING, and INSIGHTFUL Program and Discover: • 5 Profit Killers that every Child Care Owner should be aware of • Why you can’t easily see the profit killers on your financial statements • Strategies to get you on your fast path to higher profits • Why it’s more important to DREAM BIG than cut expenses and monitor pennies • The biggest obstacle you’ll face when eliminating your profit killers • How much profit is being killed in your child care program.

Top 5 Profit Killers

6. Katherine Cox

Huntington Museum of Art

“Ordinary Supplies with Extraordinary Outcomes"

In this session teachers will learn how to make simple art making tools for simple art expression. Did you know you can make a paintbrush from plastic wrap and tape? Get your creative juices flowing as you explore ways to take everyday items and turn them into extraordinary art and creative expression.

7. Mary Jo Sabetta

COAD Training Consultant

Just One Book... Pete the Cat!

Discover how to use a book to create activities in all your classroom centers, from math, to science, and in between. Take a look at a book! Let Mary Jo transform your learning centers with just one book.