April 28th & 29th, 2016
April 28th & 29th, 2016
April 28th & 29th, 2016

Keynote: The Learning Groove (1.5 hours)

1. Julie Bartkus

Child Care Success

For Owners and Directors:

5 Simple Steps to Help You Manage, Motivate, and Retain Great Staff

Wouldn't it be nice if someone said: "Here's your step-by-step plan of action to help you manage, motivate and retain great staff"? And what if they also told you that this plan of action will not only help you cultivate a positive workplace culture in record time, but will also leave you feeling happy, inspired and motivated? Attend this program and discover a transformational plan of action that Julie Bartkus has developed and has been sharing with child care leaders for over 16 years. She'll reveal what staff motivation is, and reveal what traditional methods of staff motivation don't work. Additionally, you'll discover what the number one component to motivating staff is. The answer may surprise you! Her plan will help you eliminate turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, and the destructive communication patterns (such as gossip and drama) that keep your team stuck.

Great Staff in 5 Simple Steps

2. Norma Meeks / Paramount Arts Center

Bark Up the Right Tree and Learn New Tricks

Mutt-i-gree’s is a social and emotional learning curriculum with a focus on humane education. It is a new and innovative approach to character education, anti-bullying, and service learning. Participants will learn the five components and leave with a complimentary copy ready to put social and emotional learning in their classroom. This research-based curriculum and workshop is fun, interactive, and shows how children’s natural affinity to animals foster more nurturing behavior and social skills.

3. Ariadne Gejevski


Evaluation & Planning Individualized Experiences through Art & Observation

In this energetic presentation, attendees will learn fact-based, necessary evaluation skills, illustrated models of success with integration of high level subject studies, and most importantly, how we evolve our thinking and planning and tie these together for each child's development and learning. This is a hands on art interactive session that connects observation with the art of individualizing your lessons and planning with each and every child in mind.

4. Caitlyn Edmunds & Angie Edmunds

Le Vita Sana

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

In this session attendees will learn and share tools that incorporate the brain and body through developing strategies for assisting children with confidence, relaxation, and self-knowledge through mindful daily activities.

5. Sarah Good


Differentiating Math Activities for Pre-School Classrooms

Participants will be presented with ideas and activities for math to supplement their current curriculum. There will be multiple examples and hands on resources and activities to take back to your classrooms.

6. Samantha Hicks


Beyond "More, Please, and Thank You": Understanding the Benefits of Using ASL in the Classroom with Hearing, Verbal, and Non-Verbal Children

This session will share understanding the benefits of using ASL in the classroom to support physical, social - emotional, and cognitive needs of young children, including recognizing the interrelationship of all domain areas by developing culturally appropriate and supportive environments, modeling responsive, consistent, and nurturing interactions. We will share Pete the Cat: songs and books to share our learning concepts.